A Conference You Can’t Afford to Miss

ISOFS Abuja 2016 is the biennial global meeting of the world’s fistula enthusiasts. The International Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons conference will attract over 500 top scientists, surgeons, gynecologists and fistula management experts from around the world.

You can also expect to meet representatives from leading pharmaceutical companies, UN and government agencies, hospitals, and international NGOs that are at the forefront of improving maternal and child health and fighting gender inequity globally.


Grow Your Knowledge

There is no better place to learn about the treatment and prevention of obstetric fistula than the ISOFS conference. Engaging speakers from around the world will present their research describing innovative surgical approaches, transformational psychosocial methods, and paradigm-shifting health financing mechanisms.

Build Your Network

Make great connections with leaders who can help strengthen your global health network. Find new opportunities for career development. Get advice on the questions that are hardest to answer. Raise your profile and advance your vision. ISOFS Abuja 2016 will provide a unique opportunity for targeted networking.

Register Now!

There is no time to lose. Register now to ensure you get your place before ISOFS Abuja 2016 reaches conference capacity.

Find Inspiration

Nothing is as gratifying and inspiring as helping a woman with fistula. The impact is magnificent and their gratitude is visceral. The pursuit of helping women with fistula brings together a unique group of people who are highly passionate, deeply motivated and incredibly focused. ISOFS Abuja 2016 will provide a forum for these inspiring people to energize a brighter future for women with fistula.

Get Funded

If you have an idea or a project that needs resources, you can’t afford to miss ISOFS Abuja 2016. With the global mix of companies and NGOs, you are sure to find an audience for your innovation.  In the past, the ISOFS conference has spawned innovative funding models that provided direct cash support to African surgeons. Register now to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

ISOFS Abuja 2016 has limited capacity

There is high demand for ISOFS Abuja 2016 as the conference presents an extremely compelling opportunity for personal and professional development.  Come join the conference and contribute to ending one of global health’s greatest injustices!

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